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VR gaming

Advanced VR Experience

Our products

We are a purebred research enterprise. We love technology and enjoy creating new things. Each member of our team consists of people who love their job and are success-oriented. We believe that it will be a pioneer in haptic systems together with VR - AR in the production of future technologies.

Recoil Controller

  • Lead Bolt System with Sensor

  • Realistic Kickback 

  • Rail System for Shotguns

  • Height Adjustment

  • Magazine Reload Button

  • Ability to Simulate Sniper Weapons

  • Compatible Connection Adapters for Different VR Glasses

  • Wired and Wireless Operation

  • WIFI and Bluetooth Support

  • Adjustable RGB Lighting


Backpack Custom PC

  • Adjustable Strap Structure

  • 2 x 15600 Mah Battery

  • 4 Hours of Play Time

  • 12-24V VR Glasses Power Supply

  • Intel Gen 10. Processor

  • 16GB Ram DDR4

  • 512GB M2 NVME

  • NVIDIA GTX 2060 Graphics Card 

  • Battery Status Measurement with LED and Wireless Communication

  • 4.5 Kilos Weight

Backpack Custom Pc

VR Game Systems

VR Entertainment System for shopping malls, trade show activities and entertainment centers

  • Weapon Controller with Haptic Recoil

  • Integration with Token and Card Systems

  • Extensive VR Game Catalogue

  • Time Tracking Software

  • Protected Game Screen

  • Big TV Screen

  • Remote Support and Update System

  • Industrial PC

  • VR Shooting Game

Vr Game System
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