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Advanced VR Experience

Defense industry

We are developing low-cost and high-impact training platforms for the defense industry.

Thanks to our solutions, the training costs of the forces are reduced and possible training losses are prevented.

Our Military Training System Solutions

Special Forces Residential Area Training​

Weapon Controller with Realistic Recoil

Ballistic Analysis Support Shooting Range





We offer a simulation area of 1000m2 and above. In this way, more realistic residential training can be provided in environments suitable for modeled real sizes, and the need for compliance of privates and non-commissioned officers can be met quickly.  


Thanks to our weapon simulator with realistic recoil, the recoil power of a rifle can be simulated to a great extent. Thanks to the sensor on the weapon, the reaction time of the personnel can be measured and the scores they received in the previous training can be compared, so that the development of the personnel can be examined more accurately.

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